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More than a Church


Westminster is a welcoming community where you are invited to show up however you are most comfortable. What’s most important about being at church is feeling like a part of a positive and supportive group of people, a feeling of belonging. It’s about what’s in your heart, not about what you wear, or if you can sing, or standing up and sitting down at the right time. It’s about helping out, and taking part, and being here for each other. And if that sounds good to you, please join us!

Westminster is a Presbyterian church, affiliated with the PC(USA).

Vision and Mission Statement

Vision: A Church for all people that celebrates the oneness in Christ.  Mission: Westminster Church of Detroit is called to be an evolving, spirit-led church, where we teach, learn and demonstrate faith in loving action and proclaim the good news of Christ to all.  

Core Beliefs

Our core belief is that Jesus Christ is the Lord and Savior of the world.  We have a mission to spread the gospel, and expressly demonstrate our faith authentically in our lives.  We believe in grace and allowing people the ability and opportunity to grow and develop as individuals in faith.  Further, we do not expect members to be perfect, rather encourage their spiritual journey and living into God's vision of a church for all people.  As a church, we speak to the inclusivity, hospitality, equality and the embodiment of "a church for all people."

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