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Adult Programs and Groups

From Bible studies to mission projects to fellowship events, we have a wide range of activities for our adult members.

We encourage you to get involved with a group that interests you!

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Westminster Church of Detroit Sewing Ministry Team

No experience is necessary to join this group of dedicated sewers. Come and sew, help sort fabric or cut pieces of fabric for the quilters.  You can decide what you would like to do, or come observe and socialize.  The group meets twice a month on Thursdays.  


March Meeting Dates: Thursday, March 9th     10am - 2pm

                                                Thursday, March 23rd   10am-2pm 

Lenten Bible Study "Witness at the Cross"
by Amy Jill Levine
Every Wednesday beginning March 1st - April 5th
12Noon to 1pm

Experience Holy Friday from the perspective of those who watched Jesus die: Mary his mother, the Beloved Disciple from the Gospel of John; Mary Magdalene and the other women from Galilee; the two men, usually identified as thieves, crucified with Jesus; the centurion and the soldiers; Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus.  Jews and Romans, friends and strangers, the powerful and the powerless, the hopeful and the despairing.

In "Witness at the Cross", Amy-Jill Levine shows how the people at the cross each have distinct roles to play.  Each Evangelist presents a distinct picture of the death of Jesus.  Each portrays different individuals and groups of people at the cross, each offers different images and dialogues, and so from each, we learn how those meanings and messages cross the centuries to any who would come to the cross today.

Each Gospel has its own story to tell, all the witnesses have their own memories, and every reader comes away with a new insight.  The witnesses at the Crucifixion watch Jesus die, and we watch with them, and we watch them.  And we come away transformed.

In person or online at:

Lenten Bible Study Zoom Link

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